Tecnología de Procesos Para Minería

Process Technology for Mining

The mining sector, like many, is benefiting from rapid technological innovation and advances. Integrating new technology can increase productivity, improve energy efficiency, enhance worker safety, and reduce costs for the mining sector.

The processing of coal, metals, non-metallic minerals, and tailing is directly linked to energy usage and environmental impact. Improvements to existing mining processing along with new processes are helping the sector achieve its goals in meeting output and global sustainability initiatives.

ALLGAIER is proud to supply standard and tailor-made systems and processing equipment to meet the mining industry's unique requirements. Below is an overview of the process technology for the mining sector offered by Allgaier.


ALLGAIER offers several sizing models capable of classifying bulk materials by size using vibration. Economical, efficient, and environmentally friendly Allgaier sizers are more suitable when processing humid and wet material than conventional sizers.

High operating efficiency, reduced operating costs, and smaller footprints are some of the benefits that underpin our sizers. From the type MSizer Compact to the MOGENSEN Sizer type E, our range of sizers can meet every need accommodating multiple products and higher flowing jobs.

Densimetric Tables

ALLGAIER’s densimetric tables are market leaders for the highly efficient separation of two materials by density. Our densimetric tables ensure that the demanding requirements for sustainably separating dry materials while maintaining the purity of the separated materials are met.

With two models available, the compact GSort and the FM GOSAG, for products with low density and medium granulometry. Allgaier densimetric tables guarantee increased performance, robust design, enhanced safety, and easy handling and operation.

We provide complete confidence to our customers by performing tests that guarantee desired performances, efficiencies, and capacities.

Sand Washing Plants

With sustainability at the forefront of mining operations, sand washing plants wash minerals to accurately separate materials based on particle size while recovering some of the water used during the process.

Our flexible and modular sand washing systems allow for optimally configured solutions for mining companies to improve the quality of their products by reducing and eliminating contaminants.

These sand washing units offer higher throughput and efficiency compared to traditional waterwheels and washing worms. The use of hydro cyclones or cyclones produces the best method for efficient washing.

Sand washing units, along with de-sanders and clarifiers, offer a complete solution for mining operations for the efficient washing of minerals, processing, and recovery of dirty water.

Screening Machines

Among the biggest screening machine manufacturers globally, ALLGAIER screening machines can classify, screen for safety, and de-dust bulk materials of all branches from ultra-fine powders to heavy materials and even sticky or wet materials.

ALLGAIER offers both tumbler and vibrating screening machines that guarantee the best quality and highest performance.

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