Economía Circular y Transformación de Materias Primas

Circular Economy and Raw Materials Transformation: A Leap Towards Sustainable Construction

The essence of a circular economy lies in its approach to designing, producing, and consuming goods to minimize waste and regenerate nature, promoting sustainability and harmony with the planet​.

Adopting circular economy principles is a sensitive choice in the construction sector, where over 3 billion tons of raw materials are consumed globally each year​.

One step forward for implementing circular economy principles in the construction industry is VALREC, launched in Spain by Surge Ambiental y Valoriza (Grupo SACYR), VALREC improves the recyclability, traceability, and purity of mineral resources found in construction and demolition waste (CDW). Doing so facilitates the eco-efficient production of new construction materials, contributing to a sustainable construction model.

A valuable aspect of this initiative is the inclusion of innovative technologies, among which our GSort plays its role, demonstrating our commitment to being part of the global efforts of circular economy through efficient material separation from construction debris.

Technologies like GSort contribute significantly by efficiently processing raw materials, enabling better material recovery, and producing high-quality recycled outputs.

Through initiatives like VALREC, the construction sector is better positioned to mitigate its environmental impact, optimize resource utilization, and lay the groundwork for a sustainable and eco-friendly industry.

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