Soluciones para MetALLurgia. Do it ALL with ALLGAIER.

Solutions for MetALLurgy: Do it ALL with ALLGAIER.

As an industry leader providing powerful equipment and effective systems for process engineering applications in different industries, ALLGAIER is committed to delivering robust industrial solutions for all sectors.

Sector: Metallurgy

Metallurgy is the technology of metals and the science applied to producing metal components and alloys.

Metallurgy products include aluminum, aluminum oxide, aluminum oxide slag, lead concentrate, iron ore (granules), iron oxide, copper granules, magnetite powder, manganese, nickel ore, and many more , incluiding preconcentration processs in mining stage.

The equipment manufactured by ALLGAIER MOGENSEN and our global partners is successfully used worldwide in the production of various types of metallurgical products

Product Overview: Densimetric Tables

Densimetric tables made of carbon steel and stainless steel form part of Allgaier Mogensen's equipment range for the metallurgical sector.

A market leader in developing dry separation technology, ALLGAIER MOGENSEN densimetric tables consistently achieve highly efficient performance in the density separation of two materials of different absolute densities.

Dry densimetric separation is achieved on an inclined, perforated vibrating plate. Rising airflow driven up from the plate base affects the metals differently.

Material with lighter densities floats without coming into contact with the vibrating plate. These particles flow downstream and out due to the design of the trough. Heavier materials come into contact with the plate and are pushed upstream due to the plate's vibrations.

Dry densimetric separation has the added advantage of saving water while significantly reducing energy consumption per metric ton.

Densimetric tables in this product range include:

FM GOSAG Densimetric Table

Used to treat products with low density and medium granulometry. The robust FM GOSAG includes wear protection for demanding work conditions.

The FM Gosag is available in four different versions depending on the width (0.7, 1, 1.5 and 2.4m)

GSort Densimetric Table

The Gsort's innovative design makes it one of the sustainable densimetric tables on the market, used in separation of products with a high density and grain size up to 80 mm.

Its small footprint, high efficiency and lower ecological footprint deliver better performance, beating established sorting methods with an increase of up to 80%.

The GSort's versatility and added advantages, including enhanced safety, flexibility, and minimal process costs, make it a leading choice for metallurgy production.

Otros equipos para el procesamientos de metales:

Opto-Electronic Sorting System MSort: 

With the opto-electronic sorting system it is possible to remove foreign material from previously unsortable materials.

Using HSI (High Spectral Imaging) infrared technology, the MSort NIR opto-electronic sorting system effectively separates materials with the same optical appearance but with different chemical compositions in fractions of a second. The MSort NIR is the best solution compared to conventional optical sorting.

To guarantee customer satisfaction and the desired performance of our densimetric tables, ALLGAIER MOGENSEN operates a test facility in Getafe (Madrid), carrying out detailed evaluations and tests for our clients using the original materials of each process.

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