At MOGENSEN we process all types of ceramic related elements such as aluminum oxide, apatite, bentonite, calcium phosphate, refractory material, glazes, glaze suspensions, ceramic suspensions, magnesium hydroxide, magnesium oxide, pigment suspensions, proppants (spherical mineral granules), silicic carbide and clay.

For all these elements we have the following applicable equipment:

Vibrating Feeders: vibrating equipment moved by motor-vibrators coupled directly on a bench, thus eliminating the need for transmissions or mechanical couplings.

Optoelectronic Sorting: It offers a type of separation that was not possible until very recently.

Sizers: available with one or two vibrators.

Washing and clarifying equipment: In this type of applications, the performance and efficiency of these equipments are much superior than others such as water wheels or non-washing machines.



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